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GDPR comes into effect 25th May 2018

How information about you will be used.

We will NOT share or sell your information with any 3rd parties

From time to time, we may send you emails / text messages / push notifications relating to activities directly linked to tennis and the WDLTA including affiliated events. If you wish to opt out of any such communications, please make your preferences known by informing the Data Protection Officer dataprotection@wdlta.com

What information do we hold?

If you have been named as a club contact in the registration process, whether it be secretary, match secretary or team captain then your phone number(s) email are stored in the WDLTA database and they are on public view in the Clubs & Contacts section of the website. If you wish to have this information removed form view please email the Data Protection Officer dataprotection@wdlta.com with your concerns.

If you submit an electronic scorecard you are asked to provide your email address in order for you to receive a copy of the scorecard and also in case the League Match Secretary needs to get in contact regarding said scorecard. This information is only accessible by the webmaster and will only be used for the purpose outlined above.

If you play in a club team then your name will be recorded on the electronic scorecard and once that scorecard is approved then the scorecard and names of all those who played in said match will be publicly visible in the fixtures > view scorecard process. Telephone numbers / email addresses will not be there.

From time to time photographs will be taken and uploaded to the website. These will be publicly viewable. The photographs will be from events such as presentation evenings & tournaments. If you would prefer not to appear in any photographs on our website please make the photographer aware and indicate your preferences to the Data Protection Officer dataprotection@wdlta.com